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Тестирование (Placement test)

Тест по английскому языку: Грамматика и словарный запас

Часть 1 из 3

Отметьте правильные ответы.

1. ____ you interested in sport?

2. My ____ is a writer and his books are very popular.

3. We live in the city centre and our house ____ have a big garden.

4. There ____ a lot of people outside the school. What’s the problem?

5. Cathy ____ a game on her computer at the moment.

6. Paul is very ____. He doesn’t go out a lot.

7. ____ you like to come out with us tonight?

8. Dad’s ____ work right now. He’s a teacher.

9. Did you ____ shopping after school yesterday?

10. There wasn’t ____ milk for breakfast this morning so I had toast and orange juice.

11. I ____ five emails before school today.

12. Turn ____ and you’ll see the museum on the left.

13. The beach was very crowded ____ Monday.

14. I ____ the new Batman film yet. Is it any good?

15. Tom got the ____ marks in the class for his homework.

16. You ____ eat all that cake! It isn’t good for you.

17. How ____ time have we got to do this exercise?

18. Don’t forget to get ____ the bus at Station Road.

19. Our teacher speaks English to us ____ so that we can understand her.

20. My sister ____ speak French when she was only six years old.

21. I really enjoy ____ new languages and I’d like to learn Italian soon.

22. My father has been a pilot ____ twenty years and he still loves his job.

23. Quick – get the food inside! It ____ any moment.

24. Sam asked me if I ____ a lift home after the concert.

25. Which train ____ for when I saw you on the platform on Sunday?